Heart Health

  This is my absolute go to meal. It’s healthy and quick. It’s a great substitution for PASTA! Sure pasta is carb OVERLOAD but not when you substitute the carbs for veggies. I’m talking about Zucchini! My friends literally request this every time they come over my place. I make zucchini noodles with a spiralizer […]

Here’s a helpful tip for heart attacks. We’ve heard about aspirin, coughing hard, but this is something different… CAYENNE PEPPER! This American herbalist Doctor Christopher is saying that a cup of ‘cayenne pepper tea’ is the way to stop your heart attacks in minutes. His method is his reason that he hasn’t lost a patient […]

Dr. Melanie stopped by with her trainer and an interesting thing in the interview is the mention of what you can drink when you’re out and being sociable that will still lend way to making healthy choices and what to eat pre- and post workout!

Hey guys what’s join’ on! JJ here to tell you that Get Fit Or Get Fat turns one year! This Saturday, April 26th, 2 days away, KG Smooth and I will be hosting an interactive health and fitness celebration/ charity event! I’m so excited, its going to also feature guest speaker Somaya Reece of Love […]

TTGF: Time to Get Fit! This week’s episode is about cardio, one of the most IMPORTANT physical exercises if you want to get that lean look. Here’s the newest video of #GetFitFridays with @JJOnTheMic and personal trainer @Antanique. WATCH: Related: Get Fit Fridays: Upper Body Workouts w/ @JJOnTheMic & @Antanique Related: Get Fit Fridays: Abs & Core W/ […]

Source: heart.org Hey guys @jjonthemic here! Remember tomorrow, Friday, February 7th is Wear Red Day! Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans and wearing red is symbolic of “… solidarity with those struggling with heart disease and in acknowledgement of the hardworking health care professionals who provide life-saving treatment, research, and advice.” as is […]

  To my people in the struggle I want to tell you there is hope! So you made the goal, the swear, the vow, the pinky promise that you will lose that weight for real this new year and be fit and fine for summer. Or, you may have said I’m not going to push […]


If you are a teen or have a teen feel free to attend ‘The Be Fit For Life Expo”! This is a FREE event presented by the community to teach teens about staying fit and fabulous.  This expo will be FUN and INTERACTIVE. There will be demonstrations that teach a different approach to a healthy […]


Photo Courtesy of FitnessMagazine.com   Hey hey I know you’re not letting yourself go right? Mhmmm… The summer is over and the holidays where we like to go ham on eating just- whatever are approaching but you’ve got to maintain your health all  year round. Come on y’all its important. If you didn’t already know […]

Hey guys we had a chance to have some fun in the kitchen with award-winning executive chef Art Smith. He has not only been a personal day-to-day chef for celebrities, he is also co-owner of several restuarants and the recipient of culinary’s highest awards. He has made it a point to share some knowledge on […]

Q: Is heart disease the leading cause of death in the United States? A: Yes. According to the Centers for Disease Control, an American will have a coronary event about every 25 seconds. According to the American Heart Association, every 39 seconds one person will die from heart disease. Q: What are some of the risk […]

As we have recently discovered from Whitney Houston’s toxicology report, Whitney was previously diagnosed with heart disease.  The LA Corners Office says that the cocaine found in her system may have caused a heart attack and consequently caused her to drown. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, especially […]