Access Houston

For the very last conversation on Access Houston, we are talking health, wellness, and fitness. We have the owner of Built Different Training Company, Kendall Robinson, the owner of Ascent Consultants, Matt Beckmann, and founder of Empower Fitness Lab, Alicia Tillman. This group of good energy talks about the misconceptions of working out, the mind, […]

On this segment of Access Houston we welcome back Henry Keculah, founder of 4.0 GPA, and first timer on the show, Judge Bill Littlejohn. Henry and Judge Littlejohn are here on behalf of the Houston International Trade Development Council and the Liberian Association of Greater Houston to talk to us about Point of Return Liberia: […]

This segment of Access Houston welcomes LaMarr “YGee” Williams. YGee heads the Foster Elementary’s PTSA Dads Program. This man is making a difference in his community by being an example of what a active father looks like. We talk about the struggles of these children and parents and the need for community. Our next conversation […]

This segment of Access Houston we welcome back Amanda White, the founder of Torch Bearer Re-Entry. Ms. White is back to tell us about the great things that they’ve been doing over at Torch Bearer and the let us know about the Grand Opening. Our next conversation is with Cory Grant, b.k.a., Cory the Real […]

This segment of Access Houston welcomes the anchor of CW39’s Morning Dose, Mr. Shannon LaNier! Shannon is a proud father of three and is very invovled in their lives. He has a podcast called ‘Daddy Duty 365’ where he talks to dads, celebrity and otherwise, about the sacrifice, the joys, and the challenges of being […]

This segment of Access Houston we talk to Katy Barber, membership manager at The Health Museum. The Health Museum is having its first of its kind Valentine’s Day event called “Love Bugs & Love Bites a Valentine’s feast fit for foodies” that will be on February 14th. Love Bugs & Love Bites will feature crickets […]

This segment of Access Houston welcomes the founder of A Survivor’s Voice of Victory, human trafficking activist and survivor, Dr. Nissi Hamilton. January was National Slavery & Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month and Nissi is talk all about it. She explains the difference between sex trafficking and abduction, what to look for in guys […]

This segment of Access Houston welcomes back friend to the show and founder of Live on Purpose, Minister Robert Harper II. Robert is back on the show to talk about his new book, “Talk To Yourself – It Might Be the Best Conversation You Have All Day.” He also touches on overcoming negative thoughts, changing […]

This segment of Access Houston we welcome Mr. Thaddeus Tolbert. Thaddeus wrote a book called, “#GHETTO The Inner City Blues” where he’s talking about his life growing up in 3rd Ward, TX. We talk about mental health in the black community, utilizing your voice, social norms, and changing for the better. Our next conversation is […]

This segment of Access Houston welcomes Mrs. Donna Marshall-Payne, a.k.a., Mrs. Donna, founder of C3 Women’s Network Houston. Mrs. Donna tells us about the history and mission of C3 Women’s Network Houston, their B.E.E. (Business Education Expo), and pre-planning for your loved one for when you pass on. Our next conversation is with the founder […]

This segment of Access Houston we welcome back Yogi Jaz Porter from Yoga Evolution TV and she brought her friend and business partner, Alicia b.k.a. Afro Yoga on Instagram. We talk about everything yoga, from what it is, to how it can really benefit your life. The ladies also tell us about their Yoga Entrepreneur […]

On this segment of Access Houston we welcome Catherine Mitchell, a.k.a. Ms. Cat, the owner of Flat Fee Credit Restoration & Tax Preparation. Ms. Cat educates us on the process of getting your credit repaired, tips that people can use to prepare for tax season, and Flat Fee providing mobile services. She also tells us […]