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J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Want cut calves? They are the only muscle group that can be worked every day. Only need 12 hours to recover.

  This is my absolute go to meal. It’s healthy and quick. It’s a great substitution for PASTA! Sure pasta is carb OVERLOAD but not when you substitute the carbs for veggies. I’m talking about Zucchini! My friends literally request this every time they come over my place. I make zucchini noodles with a spiralizer […]

J-Mac, why you work out so much?” It’s a question I’ve been hearing a lot lately. And I figured it’s about time you got the answer from me, instead of baseless speculation from those who THINK they know me. It’s simple really. Perfection. Mind, body and soul is a goal rarely pursued and even more […]

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip:  A motor has to have gas to run properly. A healthy breakfast is an important part of any fitness program.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Physical fitness without mental fitness is a waste of energy on a broken product. Manage stress, stay vital.

Dr. Ian Smith stop by The Madd Hatta Morning Show to promote his new book The Shred Power Cleanse: Eat Clean. Get Lean. Burn Fat. He explains why it’s important to get clean, and cut down on processed foods.

Dr. Melanie stopped by with her trainer and an interesting thing in the interview is the mention of what you can drink when you’re out and being sociable that will still lend way to making healthy choices and what to eat pre- and post workout!


President Obama, Vice President Biden, Daniel Craig, Benicio Del Toro, Dulé Hill, Seth Meyers and Steve Carell on putting an end to sexual assault with YOU by putting the word out there that sexual assault is a CRIME. Its important to not only pass along this information to your friends, but also to be decided […]

Hey guys what’s join’ on! JJ here to tell you that Get Fit Or Get Fat turns one year! This Saturday, April 26th, 2 days away, KG Smooth and I will be hosting an interactive health and fitness celebration/ charity event! I’m so excited, its going to also feature guest speaker Somaya Reece of Love […]

@terrythetrainer is a disciplined man that shares his love and passion for fitness and fun ways to fit fitness in between Scandal! Listen below!

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To my ladies out there I know you love and appreciate time with your man, your boo boo, your love but let’s face it, he DOESN’T like to do everything you like to do. There’s nothing wrong with compromising and reaching a decision of an activity both person’s like but in reading an article from […]


Hey guys @jjonthemic here, we are coming upon the 2014 Aids Walk here in Houston! It’s going down THIS SUNDAY,  March 9th! If you didn’t already know the Grand Marshall is George Foreman! He shares why its so important to be involved. Find the video of  him and the details below! Click Here to hear from […]