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@jjonthemic here and guys its so very important to me that everyone learn what their status is. Shouts out to a very good friend of mine @myfabredlife who has been living with aids for 8 years now and she is just as strong and fabulous as can be. She has a brand new book coming out “Dying To Be Diva”, be on the look out for this awesome read where she shares her desire to be a diva and how thats evolved into living a sheerly positive and fabulous life. She is someone who is active in the community and she shares the importance of why you should get tested.

Top Three Reasons You Should Learn Your Status:

1. You have to live and be bossed up in your reality.

2. You can live and be healthy.

3. Being educated, is very important, understand aids is not what it used to be 20-25 years ago.

This Friday, January 7th will be National Black HIV/Aids Awareness Day and there is free testing being provided, see information listed below via  also visit the site for more details. Come on guys there’s no reason to not know. 

national black testing day

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