Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence teamed up for a comedy that may arguably be the funniest Murphy movie of the '90s and another classic Lawrence film altogether.

J Mac’s Word of the Day™ is hell. Heaven for sinners. Life without hope. Death without redemption. Don’t wallow in one of your own creation.

  It’s a question I ask myself every morning when I wake up and my head doesn’t hit the pillow until I’ve done all I can that day to reach that elusive goal – of walking the edge of spiritual, mental and physical perfection, of being a better man, businessman, friend, co-worker and son. For […]

 I love to win, but that’s not the only reason I do the things I do. I delight in the competition, the sweat and the tears that go into doing great things. I celebrate every failure as I do each success. They are reminders that I tried — and will likely try again. Winning is […]

The big question I’m always asked is JMac, “Why do you work out?” And the answer is always the same for me. It’s simple really. Perfection. Mind, body and soul is a goal rarely pursued and even more rarely achieved. Enough about me… I went to my gym to find out why people worked out […]

When you start believing your own lies is when you become dangerous. So stop.

I don’t want to talk about the economy or the value of a college degree. I want to talk about internships, the decline of the American work ethic and why some of us are working hard every day in the studio at KBXX doing a job we love and others are still talking about getting […]

Angela “Big Ang” Raiola won the hearts of many during her short time in the spotlight.

There was a time where it was super difficult for me to decipher who was a real friend and who wasn’t. As I’ve grown older, it’s been easier to decide what types of people I should keep in my life and who needs to be gone with the wind. The following list puts it all into perspective. […]

“Every experience, no matter how bad it seems, holds within it a blessing of some kind. The goal is to find it.” That statement reigns true in all situations. If you’re going through bad times right now, just know that it is temporary. If you’re going through GOOD times right now, remember that life is […]