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I had so much fun filming “Houston: The Series.” Thank you Chinedu for allowing me to be apart of it. This is just the premiere episode, I have a couple more hilarious cameos throughout the season so stay tuned ;-) Follow @979TheBox @TheAmirDiamond & @ChineduOgu on Instagram

Happy Showtunes Tuesday! Musical theater may not be the most gangsta thing in the world, but who’s trying to be gangsta nowadays? After all….you clicked the story right? So I’m not alone. lmao Check out this dope live-version of Hamilton’s “The Schuyler Sisters:”

Q. Guyton never ceases to amaze me. If you’re going to be an artist, take your s*** seriously. People sleep on this guy, but he continues to build his brand up and doesn’t seem to be looking back at the naysayers. Every move he makes is strategic. Guyton’s newest video “EUNOIA” feat. Breona Micole is […]

I had a very interesting conversation with my homie iAm Justified over the weekend. As Drake would say: “It’s a celebration every time we link up.” He’s one person that I can talk to about ANYTHING and everything. Friday, we chopped it up about music, family, goals and… relationships! We got in a heated/friendly debate […]

I got to spend some quality time with my grandma last weekend. She always shares some trill spill when I’m with her. Here’s some of the lessons she’s instilled in me over the years: 1. Be Yourself.

I didn’t think anybody could kill “Lions, Tigers and Bears” like Amber Riley did, but Tamar did a good ass job. She made the song her own. I like the dramatics she brought to it. Her vocals are phenomenal. Watch the new Deluxe Version of “Straight Outta Oz:”

I thought June’s Diary fell off of the face of the earth, but they’re still making moves! It’s way better this way; slow and steady wins the race. Every thing they put out has been of high quality. But then again, why wouldn’t it be? Kelly Rowland’s name is on the line. I know she […]

If you ever need a good pick me up, search the hashtag “#LoveComeDownChallenge.” You can’t help but to get happy after watching people dance like they don’t have a care in the world. This is what life should be about; having fun and not worrying about how silly you look. Love the life you’ve been […]

I just got back from the city of angels in California. It was cool seeing all of the landmarks in person and I have to say “Congratulations” to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Why am I congratulating you? Cause you played yourself. After all of these years, I was feeding into the hype that you were […]

I was lowkey heart broken when I noticed that “The Preachers” never got picked up. That show helped heal a lot of people. We never get to see pastors talk about subject matters and real life issues that come up in our everyday lives. It’s taboo for them to give their raw opinions on things […]

I knew Nicki Minaj had it in her. Sign Up For Our Newsletter: Although Remy looked weak after she dropped “Another One,” it’s still dope that Nicki Minaj released a response. I don’t think she went all the win….but she gave us just enough. As much as it hurts me to say this, I think […]

Thank you for stopping by Amir Diamond’s “Late Night Hype” earlier, Candice Boyd! I love how she is un-apologetically confident in all of her wild ways. Congrats on all of the great things that are coming your way. She’s on tour with Ro James, she has Ne-Yo as a mentor and her new single features […]