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Believe it or not, 20 years ago today, Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence teamed up for a comedy that may arguably be the funniest Murphy movie of the ’90s and another classic Lawrence film altogether.

Life which featured an all-star cast in Bernie Mac, Anthony AndersonMiguel A. Núñez Jr.Guy Torry, Rick JamesSanaa Lathan, and Heavy D was one of the great comedies of the ’90s with too many quotables and memorable scenes. Thanks to Twitter, GIFs and reacting to everything, we give you 7 classic scenes and life rules from each that still apply today.

And while you’re at it, wish Martin Lawrence a happy birthday today!

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1. “Tell ‘Em Bout The Gunline Boss”

The first major scene after Ray and Claude are sent to prison in Mississippi is their introduction to the gun line. Trust, you don’t ever want to cross the gun line.

2. “You Gon’ Eat Yo Cornbread’ x “Consequences And Repercussions!”

As Claude and Ray get acclimated in prison, they hear the stories of all the other men who are locked up and how their violent ways got them there (who kills Santa Clause?!) Well, Ray gets defensive over his cornbread and warns there’s going to be “consequences and repercussions” for anybody asking. Then Goldmouth proceeds to beat him senseless.

3. “The Boom Boom Room”

Ray’s club in his mind, which has a spot for everybody … even for Claude’s hating on it.

4. “Ain’t Nobody Tryna Hear That Bullsh*t!”

You’ve seen this clip used as a reaction for anybody talking slick or ridiculous online. Admit it, it’s still fun.

5. “I’m Da Pappy!”

Oh poor Can’t Get Right. When the rest of the prisoners know what would happen to him if he truly revealed he fathered the warden’s black grandbaby, everyone steps up for him, “I’m Da Pappy!”

6. “Cause I’m A Nasty Motherf*cker!”

After nearly 30 years in prison, Ray and Claude are transferred to the governor’s mansion to work where they’re just as ornery and mad at one another as they were when they first got to prison.

7. “The Upper Room”

Another death and trip to the morgue means Claude and Ray think it’s finally their time to go. Go where? That good ol’ upper room.

8. BONUS: “Tiiiiime, slipping away from meeeee”

We thank Tom Joyner for somehow not scrubbing this clip off the face of the Earth. In a now classic appearance on the TJMS, K-Ci and Jojo attempt to go acapella on the title track from the “Life Soundtrack” … only it goes so far left.