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  This is my absolute go to meal. It’s healthy and quick. It’s a great substitution for PASTA! Sure pasta is carb OVERLOAD but not when you substitute the carbs for veggies. I’m talking about Zucchini! My friends literally request this every time they come over my place. I make zucchini noodles with a spiralizer […]

It’s a question I ask myself every morning when I wake up and my head doesn’t hit the pillow until I’ve done all I can that day to reach that elusive goal – of walking the edge of spiritual, mental and physical perfection, of being a better man, businessman, friend, co-worker and son. For me […]

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As I prepare for my #WithoutBruisesBook launch, I had an amazing conversation today with professor and writer @jonubian about the signs of mental, emotional and financial abuse. Thank you Josie for your transparency, your time and your desire to see change! Here is a little snippet! Be sure to follow @withoutbruises! #withoutbruisesbook #withoutbruises #love #help […]

Dr. Ian Smith stop by The Madd Hatta Morning Show to promote his new book The Shred Power Cleanse: Eat Clean. Get Lean. Burn Fat. He explains why it’s important to get clean, and cut down on processed foods.

The Madd Hatta Morning Show dives in to get a different look into the life of Jhonni Blaze. “The only time I felt peace… was the six months I was with my dude in the past,” Johnni Blaze says as she opens up about her troubled teenage years.  From being swindled into prostitution at the age […]

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Honesty hour: Depression is real and A LOT of people deal with it. I can remember a time where the depression i was experiencing put me in a dark, and lonely place. It was a very discouraging time in my life and I wish no one to have to experience it. I have even come […]

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  Every day comes with it’s set of set-backs, pleasures, difficulties, fun, struggles etc. How do you you deal or cope? Do you put your good and bad news on your Facebook? Instagram? Do you put the good stuff that makes your life look great on your social media outlets and save the bad news […]

  To my people in the struggle I want to tell you there is hope! So you made the goal, the swear, the vow, the pinky promise that you will lose that weight for real this new year and be fit and fine for summer. Or, you may have said I’m not going to push […]

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Hey @jjonthemic here guys!  Can you believe it, this evening is the last and FINAL session of ‘Without Bruises’. These sessions have been so awesome  because it has allowed me to share my story with others in a safe place. Others have also been brave enough to step forward and share theirs as well. It […]

Life is no doubt a juggling act. After you’ve taken care of work, family and church its easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life resulting in a very tired and very stressed self. Here are 10 simple things you can do right now to help you lower those stress levels […]