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It’s a question I ask myself every morning when I wake up and my head doesn’t hit the pillow until I’ve done all I can that day to reach that elusive goal – of walking the edge of spiritual, mental and physical perfection, of being a better man, businessman, friend, co-worker and son. For me the answer, is yes. I am a champion, not because I was born to be one – though you know Momma-Mac passed down some good genes when you see this pretty face – but rather because of the hard work I put into everything I do. There may be richer people than me out there – smarter and perhaps even more handsome. So, why am I on top? Because I’ve never forgotten where I come from. From my days at TSU (Go Tigers!) to my time at the Box, I’ve never let myself rest on past accomplishments. And never let a challenge intimidate me. Tell me that I can’t do something and I will, or exhaust every resource I have trying. There is no shame in failure but there is in being defeated for lack of courage. They told me I couldn’t be on the radio. I was rocking the airwaves two years after I left Conroe. They said I wasn’t a good rapper. Did I get mad? No. I put in the work and now I’m the Freestyle King. They admitted I had some game on the b-ball court but said I was too small, so I hit the weights, with the same passion I pursue everything in life, and look at me now. Positive thinking, positive pursuits and positive people around me are the bedrock of my success. I know it’s a clich , but “if you believe you can achieve.” So, hit the books, the streets, the blocks, the weights, the field, the courts or the studios and put in the work you need be on top. In no time at all you will find yourself headed upward on the path you have chosen for yourself. And when you reach that elusive peak, maybe we can have lunch or something. Yeah, I’ll still be right here. Why? Because I still ask myself if I have what it takes to be a champion everyday. And I don’t sleep until I feel that I have answered it (mind, body and soul) to the best of my ability. Keep Hustlin’ J Mac

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