G-Man and The Chile

G-Man: Born and raised in Houston G-man began his love for music while at a young age and continued as he became the local DJ for parties while attending Pasadena and Milby High. In 2002 his radio dream job came true when he became the afternoon jock on 97.9 The Box! Since then it has been a wild ride while being joined by trusty sidekick and crash test dummy “The Chile” in 2007. You can catch G-man and The Chile at every Texans home game and supporting all of Houston sports teams. Listen Monday-Friday 3-7p cause “You Never Know What’s Gonna Happen” Chile: A Texan Native, The Chile, was brought into radio in 2004. Realizing the ability to make people laugh with or without clothes, he acknowledged his desire to entertain all the poor Houstians coup up in their office cubicles. The Chile came aboard The Box team in 2007 by campaigning G-Man’s afternoon show by calling asking him for a job. Being persistent, when told that they were not hiring, he continued to call G-Man, taking his campaign to a higher level and went to the streets. Rallying in the streets with the people, The Chile utilized what he could, using signs and encouraging people to call G-Man to hire him. The Chile shows strong support for the Houston Texans and all of Houston sports teams. He professes his love and support for all Houston local boxers and the sport itself. He has shown a new interest and likings for MMA fights.