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The former NBA player Charlie Villanueva took to Twitter complaining about the items that were robbed from his house and one of the items was his bathroom toilet.
Villanueva was also upset that the Dallas PD took so long to arrive to his house, he even called the cops four times.

“Damn my home in Dallas was just burglarized, called the cops and still waiting on @DallasPD to make a report. FYI it’s been 2 hours since I called.”
In another tweet Villanueva posted a pic where his toilet used to be and captioned it, “They stole my toilet….. I’m not make this sh** up. Still waiting @DallasPD.”
“Appliances all gone, like are you serious? This is mind blowing @DallasPD.”
“I’m still tripping, who steals a toilet? Like why a toilet, 1 toilet @DallasPD still not at my house.”
“I called @DallasPD at 6:40pm it’s 10:41pm and no response from them, called 4 times already .”
“I’m still in shock of the things they stole but the one that stand out the most is toilet…. Bro a toilet, can’t get my mind off that. A toilet… Wow”
So who steals toilets?