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An animated video by Munirah Safiyah Jones is describing what women have been saying for years — the dating game is hard out here! Between trying to keep a work/life balance and find a perfect match, trying to get a man to open up and communicate is like pulling teeth. You can check any woman’s […]

Shelly McCullar thought she was sending her son to school to exchange his learning environment. Instead, she became a viral sensation after the elementary student went to school wearing a McDonald’s T-shirt with the Golden Arches replaced by a pair of legs in high heels. McCullar was so embarrassed, she apologized to her son’s teachers […]

Glen “Big Baby” Davis found himself in a bit of legal trouble earlier this year as the former Boston Celtic and Los Angeles Clipper was arrested in February on seven counts of possession of marijuana and distribution. When he was arrested in Maryland, he was caught with a quarter pound of weed as well as […]

Check out this classic video of me jumping over a car just like my boy Kobe Bryant did a few years ago. Let me know who’s jump was better myself or Kobe’s. Check out the videos below!

Well most of the time I’m doing your workout because I can and to save you the embarrassment from looking like some of these people in this video.  Check out below some of the worst and funnies workout fails.  

Remember this??? G-Man interviews Soulja Boy for his upcoming album when in walks J-Mac, The Freestyle King aka Soulja Man! He and Soulja Boy’s SODMG battle in the studio, taking jabs at one another, leaving us cracking up! OMG a Must watch! Follow us on twitter @979thebox or facebook.com/theboxhouston Related Stories: Soulja Boy Talks New […]

I first seen these trailer when I went to a press conference with Kyrie Irving and a couple other stars.  You know how us pimps do.  So enough shim sham let’g get to the Synopsis.   After draining his life savings to enter a team in the Rucker Classic street ball tournament in Harlem, Dax […]

An ambulance blared Ludacris 2001 “Move B***” song to get that traffic out of his way in the UK. It’s not clear if the song worked, but in the video you can see the ambulance moving thru traffic. The vid was shot by the passenger and in it we can see the lights and hear […]


One of the highlights of my trip to Las Vegas (Mayweather MacGregor fight) was meeting Stephen A Smith. I appreciate his point of view when it comes to sports. Even though he went in on the Houston Rockets playoff chances. (LOL/SMH) So when I saw this Jamie Foxx impersonation, I couldn’t help but laugh. Check […]

Since he was 4-years old, cancer survivor Jordan Leandre has played some kind of part over the years for the opening of the Boston Red Sox games. He’s just 17-years old and a pitcher himself at Dennis-Yarmouth High School and his role on Wednesday was to throw out the opening pitch for the Boston Red […]

Check out this hilarious video of Youtuber QPark picking up girls in a Romper LOL. Check it out below!  

Check out this top 6 list of annoying people at the gym I got from youtuber, LandonProduction. 1.   The Grunter – people that make ridiculously loud grunts. 2.  The Inventor – a person who goes to the gym and invents new ways to work out. 3.  The Groupies – A group of homeboys that just hang […]