Health Fitness Revolution is proud to announce that our efforts to help the homeless in Houston is expanding, and we are organizing a “Walking Out of Homelessness”…

JJ talks everything “fitness” with the editor of Fitness Magazine! She asks the questions we all have about things surrounding workouts, resolutions, workout gear, healthy choices that can actually be tasty and much more. Listen below:

  To my people in the struggle I want to tell you there is hope! So you made the goal, the swear, the vow, the pinky promise that you will lose that weight for real this new year and be fit and fine for summer. Or, you may have said I’m not going to push […]


Where’s the beef?  Consumers beware! You ever go grocery shopping and smell the delicious aromas, and after searching the store you find the samples and want to indulge? You ever walk around the department stores and have a nack for something quick to eat, so you buy a quick bite at the cafe or eatery […]

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All of us have a sweet tooth right?!  Well, if you are like me and focused on eating healthy…you know we can’t eat a big chunk of apple pie to relieve that sweet tooth!  Here are a few things that you can grab!  Check out my video blog!


via: cnn.com Organic: it’s a word that gets bandied and bashed around a lot. Plenty of folks believe it’s synonymous with “healthy,” while others think it’s just an excuse for companies to vacuum the last of the cash from your wallet. Politics aside, what does the term actually mean? Organic produce is grown without the […]

Your heart is the most valued part of your body and keeping a healthy lifestyle is important when it comes to protecting your heart. Heart disease is the most common disease in the world and can be very fatal if not taking serious. Your heart is a systematic machine that controls the flow of blood […]

VIA: Men’sFitness.Com Translated: Fre Flo Do will kick your butt. All exercises take place on a tortuous contraption Clarke created called the Launchpad. “It looks like something out of the Jetsons,” he confesses. Think of a treadmill with no hand supports or digital display. Oh yeah, it also rotates. “It puts people in a freaky […]