On the night her husband was murdered, Pei “Sanny” Xia Chen went to the hospital to find out that her husband’s injuries were fatal and it was then that the doctors asked Sanny if she wanted to preserve her husband’s semen for any future child. “Of course she said yet,” a friend of Sanny told […]

A 3-year old girl gave a Hingham Massachusetts Police officer a dinner that he’ll never forget. Sgt. Steven Dearth tells his story about when he met that little girl waving at him. “I was working an evening shift and I stopped to have dinner at Panera Bread. I was waiting for my food to get […]

New evidence has emerged in the case of Corey Jones, the Florida musician who was killed by police officer Nouman Raja.

We’ve all tried to get out of a traffic violation. Maybe it was by reasoning with the officer or explaining your case with passion as to why you were in violation. Then you have Margaret Garcia, a Florida resident, was pulled over by police after they found her to be speeding on a highway back […]

Eleanore Stern didn’t like what was happening at the DMV and the conversation seemed to be a little heated. She was asked to leave and they asked a trooper to escort her out the door, which Eleanore didn’t receive to well. The incident, which was caught on video, shows Stern kicking and fighting the officer […]

Dante Servin, the 46-year-old Chicago police who shot and killed 22-year-old Rekia Boyd was found not guilty on all charges today. Judge Dennis Porter revealed…

Jason Roy will always remember the date of May 3, 2011.  Roy was in a high-speed chase when his squad car flipped over several times leaving him paralyzed from the neck down. I remember thinking to myself, When is the car going to stop flipping? Then I started to pray to God, and I asked […]

People get sued for the most ridiculous things everyday. So if we know regular folks get sued for any and everything, imagine what celebrities get…

How do you get out of speeding? According to they’ve found at least 9 funny ways to get out of a speeding ticket but there are no guarantees. Try at your own risk or how about…just don’t speed? Really, just follow the speed limit at all times. But

The amount of struggle in this story is so epic that it probably is true. Two Brooklyn men are suing the NYPD because they were allegedly arrested for refusing to hand over their White Castle burgers to cops.

A 17-year-old from Tomball is charged with impersonating a public servant after allegedly pretending to be an officer and pulling other motorists over. According to…

Houston Police Office Stephan Riha, 29, has been charged with third-degree felony theft and has been relieved of duty. According to, Riha pulled over a driver for a routine traffic stop and instead of issuing a citation, he demanded money from the driver. This was an internal affairs investigation! Read More