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How do you get out of speeding? According to they’ve found at least 9 funny ways to get out of a speeding ticket but there are no guarantees.

Try at your own risk or how about…just don’t speed?

Really, just follow the speed limit at all times.


1. Shed Tears


Guys, I wouldn’t try but ladies…with the correct timing…you could go ticket free. :)

2. Speedometer Problems


The “my speedometer ain’t working right” has worked once or twice…but it really was off.

3. Police writing a ticket


You can try the, “I’m not familiar because I’m from outta town” line. If you’re on a freeway or interstate…I don’t see it working.

4. Claim Chest-Pain


The good ole heart-attack. Clutch the chest…but it better be real Playa.

5. Blame Job


Blame the job…you’re a health professional, fire fighter or….cop…it might work.

6. You’re Having A Bathroom Emergency


Might be embarrassing but a little hot air when the window comes down could help your case. If you know what I mean.

7. You Can Claim Ignorance


A smile and stupid look followed by…”Sorry Sir, I didn’t know.”

8. Use The Kids


It might be bad, but hey kids might work, especially if they are really sick.

9. Police ticketing be Honest


Just be Honest. Often times, the good ole truth is the best policy.

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