Groupon, American worldwide e-commerce company that usually offers huge discounts on goods, services, and other activities from merchants all around the world, has angered many of its’ customers. The online marketplace listed a series of winter boots describing brown as, “Ni$$%r Brown.” Some Groupon customers are crying foul and shared screen shots of the posts […]

Heineken beer has totally missed the mark on a new thirty second television ad promoting it’s new light beer slogan, ‘sometimes lighter is better‘. The ad features a bartender sliding a bottle of Heineken light beer to a woman looking grimly at a glass of wine. The misstep seems to be at an unproportionately mixed […]

 Your favorite orange tabby cat has passed on. Bento, better known as “Keyboard Cat” has delight social media/internet fans with his spunky, fun piano offerings. The cat, had been giving internet “life” for almost a decade, even starred in a pistachios commercial. One of the most famous internet kitties time ended earlier this month, according […]

Grammy award winning Houston M.C., Chamillionaire, has since traded in his rap hat and turned into a successful startup investor. The “Ridin” rapper had invested in Cruise, a self-driving tech start-up, sold to General Motors and Maker Studios, which was bought by Disney. Check out Cham’s presentation at the Upfront Summit, an investor and entrepreneur […]

The world is going “Hoperah” crazy at the possibility of Oprah Winfrey running for President of The United States in 2020. The public has been buzzing after her stirring Cecil B. DeMille acceptance speech at the Golden Globe Awards and Oprah making history yet again of being the first Black Woman to receive the prestigious […]

If you’ve been one of the many that have sworn off the NFL this season for “various” reasons, you probably ecstatic about NBA season being back in. Saying that, Eminem, who’s been in the news lately for his freestyle combat diss on President Donald Trump he performed during the BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher segment, […]

I finally had a chance to see ABC’s fourth season premiere of Black-ish and as always, I was not disappointed. The episode points out America’s ignorance of the 150 year Juneteenth celebration, which commemorates  June 19, 1865 as the date that ended slavery in Texas. It also highlights the misinformation taught in schools about Christopher […]

The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.

After all the hoopla surrounding Trump’s statements at a rally in Alabama calling players that take a “knee” in the NFL “Sons of Bit*hes” that should be fired, several players and owners have been outspoken about the divisive statements. Sunday (9/24/17) a reporter caught up with President Trump and asked about the comments made by […]

President Trump criticized the NFL Friday (9/23/17) at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama saying that Owners should “fire” athletes who kneel during the National Anthem. This created a hail storm of controversy this weekend that got celebrities from L.L. Cool J, Jamie Foxx and Russell Simmons tweeting about the comments from 45.  Rapper, Plies, went to […]

Gucci Mane maintained his chill at an autograph signing in New York yesterday (9/19/17). Gucci was signing copies of his autobiography, “The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane,” at a Barnes & Noble in NYC and while there angry fur activists tried to steal Gucci’s shine. Now, either Gucci was confused or now he’s just a super […]

The internet continues to have absolutely no chill. Since Kevin Hart’s alleged extramarital activities and apology, everyone has added in their two cents. The word is that Kevin may have cheated on his wife, so he’d taken to social media to apologize to his family and hinted to a possible extortion attempt in the area […]