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Gucci Mane maintained his chill at an autograph signing in New York yesterday (9/19/17).

Gucci was signing copies of his autobiography, “The Autobiography Of Gucci Mane,” at a Barnes & Noble in NYC and while there angry fur activists tried to steal Gucci’s shine.

Now, either Gucci was confused or now he’s just a super chill dude, as a supposed to the fake fan that walked up and shook Guwop’s hand while saying, “he heard Gucci was going vegan.”  Then the rest of the man’s entourage ambushed Gucci with screaming and shouting about killing animals.

The protesters whipped out banners and yelled he can’t be vegan and he’s rocking furs.

The activists were from the New York Animal Defenders and were moved out of Guwop’s way quickly.

They lucky they did that to new and improved Gucci cause old Gucci would’ve probably….well, y’all know what he would’ve done!

Check it out below.

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