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President Trump criticized the NFL Friday (9/23/17) at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama saying that Owners should “fire” athletes who kneel during the National Anthem.

This created a hail storm of controversy this weekend that got celebrities from L.L. Cool J, Jamie Foxx and Russell Simmons tweeting about the comments from 45.  Rapper, Plies, went to Instagram to talk about his disdain for the President’s “Son Of A Bit*h” comment.

Trump also created more controversy with another league.  On Saturday morning, he criticized NBA Golden State Warrior star point guard, Stephen Curry.

Curry, when asked about attending the White House celebration for his championship team, wasn’t sure if he wanted to attend the traditional NBA champs celebration, which caused President Trump to uninvite Curry after getting wind of it 20 minutes after it was mentioned on Fox & Friends.  Ultimately, leading to the Golden State Warriors team accepting the President’s univite.

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Lebron James lashed out calling the sitting President a “bum” that misleads his followers for his comments towards Curry.