Plies is showing off his new pearly whites. The Florida rapper took to social media to reveal he got rid of his grills and is now sporting an envy-inducing Kool-Aid smile.

The Florida-bred rapper had been A1 with commentary all pandemic ... until this comment.

Add Plies to the list of rappers who can’t keep track of there firearms before travelling. The Florida rapper was arrested at Tampa Airport after a gun was found on his carry-on luggage.  Reports TMZ: Law enforcement sources tell us the rapper was getting a bag scanned Wednesday morning at Tampa International Airport before getting […]

President Trump criticized the NFL Friday (9/23/17) at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama saying that Owners should “fire” athletes who kneel during the National Anthem. This created a hail storm of controversy this weekend that got celebrities from L.L. Cool J, Jamie Foxx and Russell Simmons tweeting about the comments from 45.  Rapper, Plies, went to […]

WARNING CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE Plies teamed up with Kodak Black for his new single “Real Hitta“.  Check it out below and let us know if you think it’s hot or nah!  

Plies has been very vocal in his political views post Obama era. He’s a part of the rap community who’s not a fan of Donald Trump. But this is the most HILARIOUS use of free speech / creativity I’ve seen in a while. Buddy went and ordered presidential toilet paper. Watch this video! LMAO!!! Follow […]

One of the most colorful rappers in the game is “BYKE”!  Plies is on his own level when it comes to wardrobe for his videos! This new visual to “Racks Up To My Ear” is full of cameos from H Town! Savannah T Phan, South Park Shawty, & BlameItOnKway all make appearances. LOL! I’m still […]

After Donald Trump won the presidential election, there have been nationwide riots & demonstrations. I literally had to comfort my 7 yr old who was CRYING. She said “Daddy, the new President doesn’t like us”. As a parent, you never think Plies would be the person to listen to. But Mr. Sweet Pwusyy Satday actually had a great […]

Plies says his homeboy called him the other day stressing about Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential election.  He says he isn’t stressing because God is his President.