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Heineken beer has totally missed the mark on a new thirty second television ad promoting it’s new light beer slogan, ‘sometimes lighter is better‘.

The ad features a bartender sliding a bottle of Heineken light beer to a woman looking grimly at a glass of wine.

The misstep seems to be at an unproportionately mixed party were the barman eyes the woman’s dilemna then slides a bottle of the Heiny to the fair skinned woman and then turns to talk to a group seemingly white men.

This doesn’t sound so bad, until I add the part that it passes a black woman at the bar with low cut hair, then the beer continues to slide under a sitting black man playing guitar atop the bar, which is strange in itself because the tropical sound of reggae is playing throughout the add.

Then, it passes another black woman with a box top hairdo and magenta colored dress, who’s possibly caught in the matrix because the scene’s back drop is black as the beer passes her by.  

The beer finally returns from the matrix and lands into the hands of the woman.

Heineken has come under fire for a new commercial with the slogan ‘sometimes lighter is better’ that many, including Chance the Rapper, are calling ‘terribly racist‘.

Chance took to Twitter to call out the Heineken ad on Sunday, bringing it to the attention of many of his 7.3 million twitter followers.

Everyone does not agree with Chance and even Complex Magazine online goes in on the “No Problems” rapper.