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New evidence has emerged in the case of Corey Jones, the Florida musician who was killed by police officer Nouman Raja back in October 2015 after making a phone call for roadside assistance.

A recording was released on Tuesday featuring Jones making a call to roadside assistance for a tow and speaking with an operator when Raja approached him. The Daily Mail reports that the call disturbingly captures the six shots Raja fired as Jones was running away from him, proving the officer was lying in police interviews when he said he fired the second round of three shots while on the phone to dispatch.

He told prosecutors, “I remember pulling the trigger, I think two to three times, and he started running. Jones’s family say he would have complied with the police officer if he had properly identified himself. And as he was running, I had my cell phone and I dialed and I still remember putting my code in, and just like this, I had the gun and I’m keeping an eye on this guy. And I put my code in and dialed 9-1-1, and I called dispatch right, ‘cause my radio was in the van.”

The Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office also released an FBI reenactment of the shooting, plus an audio recording of Raja’s first statement to police while on the scene. The re-enactment indicates Raja fired multiple shots at Jones before he started running away and Raja chased Jones a short way up the off ramp on the road before stopping and firing again.

Raja was fired from the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department and has since been charged in state court with manslaughter by culpable negligence and attempted first-degree murder with a firearm. Check out the audio clip above.

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