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A 3-year old girl gave a Hingham Massachusetts Police officer a dinner that he’ll never forget. Sgt. Steven Dearth tells his story about when he met that little girl waving at him.
“I was working an evening shift and I stopped to have dinner at Panera Bread. I was waiting for my food to get ready and I saw this little girl and  she looked at me and smiled and I smiled.” Sgt Dearth told

Then he heard, “You can talk to him,” from the girls father and the pair walked over to Sgt. Dearth and where he got to meet her.
She was 3-year old Lillian and she was there eating with her mom, dad and baby brother.
When they met, Sgt. Dearth said that he gave her a little junior police officer sticker that he keeps on him for children and that was that… she went back to her table.
That wasn’t the case, Lillian wasn’t done with him yet.
“I sat down and you know, as all police officers do, faced the exit so I could see who’s coming and going,”  Sgt. Dearth told CBS News. “I was sitting by myself. I didn’t really think anything of it. Then all of a sudden she walks up.”
Little Lillian left her family to go sit with Sgt. Dearth and keep him company while he ate his food.
Sgt. Dearth said, “She was a little shy at first,” but that she soon warmed up to him and started chitchatting like they were old friends.
Lillian told Sgt. Dearth that someday she wanted to be an officer. “At 3 years old,” Sgt. Dearth laughed. “I wanted to be one since I was 5, so she had me beat.”
After Sgt. Dearth finished his meal, he happily walked the 3-year old back to her family and then she begged to get a sneak peek inside his cruiser.
Her daddy said it was ok so Sgt. Dearth pulled his car to the front and let them look inside.
After that, Sgt. Dearth offered to give the family a tour around the police station if they wanted it. He said that he plans on giving that soon too.
“I hope this reminds kids and their parents that we’re there to help,” Sgt. Dearth said. “We’re the good guys and girls. We don’t want people to be afraid of us.”
And Sgt. Dearth ended it with saying, “it was the best ‘dinner date’ I’ve ever had.”