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Oweeeeeee. I used to always say how I wasn’t a fan of K. Michelle’s attitude, but I never neglected the fact of how talented this girl is. I have seen a lot of growth in the past year of “K” trying to stay out of the headlines. I noticed that she’s putting in an effort to re-brand herself too; she dances in videos, turns them into mini-movies and goes above and beyond to produce dope projects.


I bought both of K. Michelle’s albums and I always end up relating to the same things she goes through in her relationships. It sucks to know that she’s still hurt after dating Idris Elba, but at the same time…it’s going to let millions of people know that even celebrities go through rough break-ups.

I love you, K. Michelle! I’m praying that love fills your life with peace and that your career continues to take off!

Listen to the Rebellious Soul get choked up when speaking about her dating life in a radio interview with the Russ Parr Morning Show:

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