As I float thru the “Twitterverse”, I see all kinds of Houstonians saying #june27th #happybdscrew #screwbday. Robert Earl Davis “DJ Screw” was born July 20th. June 27th was D Mo’s birthday. The classic freestyle got so big, people sometimes get it misconstrued. Think about this… The freestyle was so classic, Drake re did it […]

Bibi Bourelly‘s next EP “Free The Real Pt. 2” is almost here, along with her latest single “Ballin‘.” Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Bourelly gives Amir Diamond the real on everything from writing on Usher‘s “Hard II Love” album to why she’ll never be able to get hired at Old Navy! Watch Bibi Bourelly explain the dynamic of […]

I can’t believe it’s been over 10 years since Monica’s “So Gone” dropped. It seemed like it was just yesterday when the hit song came out. I ain’t mad at the fact that it came back either. Now, I ain’t a rapper… but I think I did pretty damn good and a lot better than […]

TBH, I have NOT been keeping up with any of the Love & Hip Hop franchises. I’m tired of watching ratchet TV. After a while, that negative energy can seep into your everyday life. Even though I don’t stay tuned to L&HH, I know that Yandy Smith is one of the few ladies that represents total class. […]

  It’s one thing to have your support. It’s another thing when you’ve invested so much into me that you’ve learned the type of music that I like to listen to. For the past week… YOU’VE been randomly telling me about new tunes (through my Periscope broadcasts and Facebook Live Videos). I tend to doubt […]

Monday: I’ll replay my conversation with my youngest guest ever; Houston’s own Maceo Smedley from Underground on WGN. Smedley plays Jurnee Smollett’s brother on the hit show that’s executive produced by John Legend. Tune into “Underground” Wednesdays at 9PM Central. Tuesday: The Suffers are coming through to drop off new music and let me in […]

Oweeee: What a night and a what a morning! Over the weekend, Tank WENT OFF on Instagram about how there’s no one who supports real music anymore and if there are….they don’t speak up. This statement came after his frustrations with his low album sales for his newest project “Stronger”. Now, I love Tank and […]

I’m so grateful that there are amazing artists like Brian Angel who find my show special enough to premiere new music on. Lol Almost 10 years ago, I was singing songs from “Making The Band” around the living room wishing that I could be an honorary member. Angel’s played a few songs for me in […]

I feel like my radio career has come full circle. Damilare Sonoiki was the very first guest that came through when I had my internet radio show at the University of Houston. Back in 2012, Sonoiki released a documentary entitled “The West” about the culture of Southwest Alief, Texas (which now has over 200,000 views […]

Senze has the total package; he writes, sings and looks like he needs to be on somebody’s TV commercials or magazines. I’m surprised he hasn’t made it big time yet, but despite being underrated… he’s still doing his thing. Get To Know @TheRnBposterboy #InsideTheBox with Amir Diamond [WATCH] Kehlani Talks New Single, Stolen Laptop & […]

Bre-Z is just as gutta as her character on “Empire.” And if you watch the show… you know that Freda Gatz ain’t nothing to be messed with. Even though we may have total opposite personalities, I really enjoyed our conversation. RELATED: Bre-Z (Empire’s Freda Gatz) “Realish” Is Dope AF! [NEW MUSIC] Bre-Z stopped by Late Night […]

Bre-Z is just as hardcore as she is on the hit show Empire. I’ll be the first to tell you that Bre-Z and Freda Gatz DEFINITELY have a lot in common. When Bre-Z founded out that I didn’t hear her new single “Realish,” she made it CLEAR that I was slipping HARD!!! But after jamming […]