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Oweeee: What a night and a what a morning! Over the weekend, Tank WENT OFF on Instagram about how there’s no one who supports real music anymore and if there are….they don’t speak up. This statement came after his frustrations with his low album sales for his newest project “Stronger”.


Now, I love Tank and respect his artistry so much. There are only a few who can compete with his vocal abilities and writing skills; he’s been making hits since I was in diapers! lol Okay, not really…but you get the point!

ANYWAY…here’s what I ended up doing: I BOUGHT Tank’s “Stronger” CD and did an open and honest review. I put being a fan to the side and gave him my unbiased opinion. Read It Here.

But what happens next is even better…Tank actually READ IT…and here’s his response:

Tank1 Tank2 Tank3

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