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Dear Tank,

From a fan’s point of view: you kind of disappointed me with that rant you posted recently on Instagram.

For those who missed it…here it is:

I do agree that not too many people actually go out and purchase music anymore. But I disagree with your statement about how “the ones that do…don’t speak up about it.” Anyone who knows me, knows that real music is the only thing that I support. My dream is to one day become a Program Director at a major radio station, so I can help be a determining factor on whether the true art form gets showcased or not. I love your voice. I respect the catalog of songs that you’ve left on this world thus far (including the one’s you’ve written for other artists). And I brought your new album to see if your social media rant should be validated.


I listened to Stronger that’s in stores now…and broke it down track by track:

*** = standout songs!

Tracks #1-4 all sounded alike. You’re My Star is cool, but I didn’t want to hear that many songs with the same kind of 30’s and 40’s type swing-music feel to it. If you want people of TODAY to purchase your music…don’t dedicate that much of your project to a different era; BUT DON’T GO TOO FAR IN THE DEEP END EITHER! Lol

***#5 is when I said “This is how the CD SHOULD have started.”  I feel like Missing You was the first song on the album that hinted towards what R&B should sound like. I’m sad that it took that many tracks to get to it though.

(Sidebar: One thing that I think is super creative is the way majority of the songs breakdown at the end. It feels like they get remixed to a new beat. DOPENESS)

#6. Same Way was just mediocre. I wished the entire song was more like the breakdown part of it that happened towards the end.

***#7. Hopes This Makes You Love Me is the one that should have been the single. This is the Tank that America knows, loves and adores.

***#8. I can see why you chose Stronger as the title track; it’s a record that deserves to be in a major motion picture and/or one of those inspirational, heartwarming Superbowl Ads! Now that I think about it…we need to get your team to start pitching that ASAP…and I want a cut! $$$Lol$$$

#9. Thanking You is cool, but the thing is…it sounds like a country tune. And once again, if you’re trying to win R&B fans over…they’re not gonna ride for this one. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it. But this is coming from a kid who likes all kinds of genres; including Broadway Musicals. Lmao

#10. If That’s What It Takes left me asking “This is what you’re closing the CD with?”

*** = standout songs!

The album “Stronger” did not start off on the right foot. At the end of the night, I was waiting for you to take the listener to a high point. A place that would make me never want to take the CD out of my car. A place that would make your audience spread the word about how great your new music is. When it’s all said and done…if you had a winner with this new project, people would have spread the word! This doesn’t take away from how much of a superstar you are. You are one of the greatest to ever do it. There are not many people who are as talented as you are when it comes to pure artistry. This day and age is a little bit different though. You have to be more personal. We want to learn more about you. We want to know what makes you laugh. We want to know what makes you sad. We want to know what’s important to you. Times are hard out here so the people want to make sure we know what we’re investing our 10 bucks in! I don’t remember seeing you do much promotion for Stronger. You should have been EVERYWHERE! When I look at your instagram, I don’t even see much excitement about your own album. #ButICouldBeWrong

Final Grade: C-ish (and that’s being generous).

What would have made it an A: Starting from scratch with the song titles that include *asterisks* and molding the cd around songs like those.


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