Andy Allo is a dope singer-songwriter commonly known as Prince’s protege. Andy Allo explains what it was like working with Prince, performed live, & more with Amir Diamond!  Watch the full interview below:

I had so much fun filming “Houston: The Series.” Thank you Chinedu for allowing me to be apart of it. This is just the premiere episode, I have a couple more hilarious cameos throughout the season so stay tuned ;-) Follow @979TheBox @TheAmirDiamond & @ChineduOgu on Instagram

I had a very interesting conversation with my homie iAm Justified over the weekend. As Drake would say: “It’s a celebration every time we link up.” He’s one person that I can talk to about ANYTHING and everything. Friday, we chopped it up about music, family, goals and… relationships! We got in a heated/friendly debate […]

I got to spend some quality time with my grandma last weekend. She always shares some trill spill when I’m with her. Here’s some of the lessons she’s instilled in me over the years: 1. Be Yourself.

If you ever need a good pick me up, search the hashtag “#LoveComeDownChallenge.” You can’t help but to get happy after watching people dance like they don’t have a care in the world. This is what life should be about; having fun and not worrying about how silly you look. Love the life you’ve been […]

I just got back from the city of angels in California. It was cool seeing all of the landmarks in person and I have to say “Congratulations” to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles. Why am I congratulating you? Cause you played yourself. After all of these years, I was feeding into the hype that you were […]

SMH. Angelo, Angelo, Angelo. Why would you put money on the sorry azz Falcons? I know how strong Boston is because all of my family’s from there. I knew we had it in the bag. I can’t lie though… (Starts whispering) I was sweating bullets for the first three quarters of the big game. Lol

Chance the Rapper is one of my fav young rappers out right now. He challenges the stigma’s that people attach to what it means to be a hip hop artist. He is very positive and prides himself on being different and going against the grain. Keep making music history, my boy! Check out his new […]

As successful as I am in my career field, I don’t have it all together (when it comes to my love life). I’ve been so frustrated with going on date after date after date, because none of them have lead to anything REAL. I prayed for Love and God ended up giving it to me; […]

Hip hop is making progress…and I am here for it! We have been the last ones to accept the LGBT community. For what reason? IDK! You would think that since Blacks are used to being judged, we wouldn’t judge others for who they are. Yet and still, alot of people do SMH! Congrats to Taylor […]

Theater is my first love. I’ve been in over 30 productions. I was even in “The Tree of Life” starring Brad Pitt; if you blink you might miss me. But that’s beside the point. The point is…although the “Fences” movie was phenomenal; nothing can capture full emotion like live theater. Take a look at this […]

I am blown away at how great Houston own Sharve is. She’s only 18 years and her performance level is on another planet. I’ve hosted an event and witnessed how she’s able to command the stage. Last night, I was invited to her her listening party for her 1999 EP and every single song is […]