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Knowing Hov, his page will primarily serve to promote projects and artists he's involved in as opposed to personal posts as he's been known to be a very private person.

Here are the most hilarious tweets from today's Internet system outage.

2020 has been a very vocal year for Boosie and now that's been taken away.

Instagram's brand new Reels feature is its answer to TikTok.

#BlackOutTuesday was a noble cause but wasn't executed properly inadvertently silencing Black voices in the process. Instagram is now vowing to that it will ensure that it won't happen on its platform again.

This woman must’ve mistaken DJ Khaled’s Instagram Live with Tory Lanez Quarantine Radio. DJ Khaled chose to go on Instagram live and was showing some #fanluv where he went live with one of his fans and it got real very quick. The young lady proceeded to start twerking and DJ Khaled tried his hardest to […]

It might be a wrap for QTD (Quarantine Titty Day) on IG Live. Instagram has finally hit up Boosie BadAzz and told him to chill with the ass and titties on the social media platform.

We knew it was coming but Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri confirmed that the platform is set to begin a test that will start hiding likes for US audiences beginning next week. Instagram wants to be the safest place on the Internet compared to other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, along with algorithms and filters to […]

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen this image floating around on Instagram the past 24 hours. You know, the one where a clear copy-and-paste “Instagram does not have my permission to share photos or messages” image appears and someone warns you about it and tells Instagram off?   Yeah, the clearly fake notice has gone […]

Not All Influencers Have A Loyal Following In the world of social media, most of us assume the more followers you have, the more of an influence you have…but that’s not always true. Sure, people like the Kardashian family, who have hundreds of millions of followers, probably have a bigger influencer than almost anyone in […]

The lyric on DaBaby‘s fast-rising single “Suge” goes as follows: “You disrespect me and I’ll beat your ass up / All in front of your potnas and children.” Well, one Carolina rapper found out the hard way. The rapper, who for the sake of this report shall not be named (because DaBaby does it for […]