I’m a tad bit disappointed in this year’s Grammy nominations. When I read the full list of artists that were up for awards, I thought there were more than a few that were missing. I’m starting to see that this show really is rigged. It’s GOTTA be about who’s friends with who, cause it’s evident […]

Oweeeeeee. I used to always say how I wasn’t a fan of K. Michelle’s attitude, but I never neglected the fact of how talented this girl is. I have seen a lot of growth in the past year of “K” trying to stay out of the headlines. I noticed that she’s putting in an effort […]

OMG! K. Michelle has me cracking up!!! This woman is a character. She’s bringing the drama in her new mini-movie “Something About The Night” and it’s making me fall in love more and more with her. I’m glad that she’s causing less of a ruckus in the headlines and thrusting that energy into her career. […]

It seems like K Michelle has been releasing all of the songs to her album….and even though we’ve heard damn near half of it…I’m still going out to go get it! Every song and visual she’s released for “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart (AWBAH)” has been dooooope and this “Going Under” song is no different. […]

Aye, Waddup! It’s Amir Diamond and I have a feeling K. Michelle’s album is going to be really good. This song really speaks to me because everything that K. Michelle dreams about in the video are the same thoughts that I’ve been facing recently. My mind is often cluttered with thoughts of someone I dated […]