Apartment List accounted for Dating Satisfaction, Outdoor Satisfaction and Percentage Of Singles with Houston fairing well in all three departments.

We’ve had conversations about polygamy on the show but this time, we actually have a “Thruple” who came in studio to break down how they make it work! Three polygamists Shantell, Shalaun, and Alex explain what it means to be polygamists, how their 3-way relationship works, & more on the Madd Hatta Morning Show. Alex […]

Diddy and Cassie have long been an item, officially since 2012 and just last week there were rumors that Cassie was pregnant. Sadly, that rumor proved false and now the couple has reportedly called it quits. According to People, “the decision was amicable and they remain friends.” Neither have made a public statement about the […]

This segment of Access Houston welcomes Ickeche Ojore, Stephanie Davis, and Ernest L Beason II to tell us about E.P.I.C. Panel on the Patio. One is dealing with relationships and the other foucuses on Mental Health for Children. Happening at The Library Coffee & Winehouse. Thank you for listening!

An animated video by Munirah Safiyah Jones is describing what women have been saying for years — the dating game is hard out here! Between trying to keep a work/life balance and find a perfect match, trying to get a man to open up and communicate is like pulling teeth. You can check any woman’s […]

A Friday relationship tip? Gas your lady up, always. via GIPHY Sometimes it could be considered a little extra but hey, who doesn’t like compliments? Keep that same energy! https://twitter.com/TinaTwoCents/status/994627838962790401 Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone

The dating game out here is absolutely crazy. It’s so crazy that one woman has decided that in order for someone to earn the right to sleep with her, they’ll have to be a little scholastic with it. In the essay, a man wrote all of the reasons why a woman whose DMs he hopped […]

I had a very interesting conversation with my homie iAm Justified over the weekend. As Drake would say: “It’s a celebration every time we link up.” He’s one person that I can talk to about ANYTHING and everything. Friday, we chopped it up about music, family, goals and… relationships! We got in a heated/friendly debate […]


James Harden is not here for the tabloids. The Houston Rocket’s shooting guard got real in a candid interview with Sports Illustrated. One of the subjects up for discussion was his previous relationship with reality star Khloe Kardashian. The two dated for eight months in 2015, a year Harden now calls the “worst year” of his life. […]

Almost errbody I know want’s to use Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” as the song they get married. Sheeran has a new video called “Shape Of You” where he plays both a lover and a fighter! In the video, I thought he was gearing up for a Boxing match, but I was a little bit […]

Dating & Social Development Coach Eddie Fews opens up about the way men view monogamy and commitment.