F*ck boys, F*ck boys. What you gonna do when they come for you?

Sage decided to leave it all out there on Instagram in a long emotional post to Jordin Sparks.

Every time I hear the first two sentences of this song, I stop dead in my tracks to hear the story Shawn Mendes is about to tell. I’ve been in his position before where I didn’t want to let go of something that was continuously breaking my heart. I think this song relates to a […]

Dear celebrities: If you’re going to pull a publicity stunt, at least don’t set it up via text message with some chick on your Instagram. So here’s the tea: A few weeks back, rumors began swirling that B.o.B. and girlfriend Sevyn Streeter (who just happens to be one of #TeamBeautiful’s favorite stars) had split up. Yesterday, […]

Ciara’s song “I Bet” brings up memories of things that I’ve gone through in my past relationships. I know how it feels to be so happy because you think you’ve found the one of your dreams…only to be let down and lied to. Listen to Ciara break down…in her new emotional single HERE:

Oweeeeeee. I used to always say how I wasn’t a fan of K. Michelle’s attitude, but I never neglected the fact of how talented this girl is. I have seen a lot of growth in the past year of “K” trying to stay out of the headlines. I noticed that she’s putting in an effort […]

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 Columbus Short and Tanee McCall’s new short film “The End Again” so perfectly captures the range of emotions of a couple who are going through a breakup,…

Father’s day is Sunday and it caused us at the Madd Hatta Morning Show to reflect on what is the best advice you ever received from dad. My dad always told me “don’t sleep with anyone that you wouldn’t want to have a baby with.” It always stuck with me. That’s why I was pretty […]


Listen to MC’s new song from her upcoming album “The Art of Letting Go”

Yahoo! Mail just conducted a poll of 2,000 people in the U.S, surveying them about their email behavior. One of the very surprising results to come out of the poll, is that 13% of adults think it is acceptable to break up with someone via email, IM, or text. What’s more, the study found that […]