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K. Michelle has been making major moves! In addition to her H-Town performance alongside Jeezy on Feb. 26, she's been taking over the TV world with "My Killer Body," a show that takes a look at the not-so-pretty side of plastic surgery.

Well, everyone has their opinion on vaccines even though they haven't spent a second in medical school but much time on being "educated" on social media.

The 35-year-old performer is no stranger to switching up her look. But a photo posted on her IG June 9 made people do a double-take, with many commenting that K. Michelle looked almost unrecognizable.

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Twitter is just so petty. For example, K. Michelle was minding her business on IG Live but the Twitter peanut gallery was hella confused because they say she wasn't exactly looking herself. 

We’ve been watching Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for almost seven years now and it’s still hard to tell when a drink is about to get thrown in someone’s face — or a purse. If you thought that was wild — take a look back at some more ratchet rumbles from Love & Hip Hop […]

Today officially became “K. Michelle Day” in Houston. Sign Up For Our Newsletter: K. Michelle posted the clip of her receiving the honor in Houston on Instagram today saying: “I am definitely honored to have my very own Kmichelle day in Houston. So many amazing things have happened this year. Being honored by my alma mater, “Florida A&M […]

K. Michelle is never one to bite her tongue — especially when it comes to someone trying to bite her swag. Over the weekend , the singer was in petty mode after Kylie Jenner debuted her new hairstyle that people are calling “highlighter” hair at a Coachella party. The only problem with Kylie’s new bright […]

Keke Palmer is so cute to me. I don’t find her sexy, because I still view her as a lil kid. LOL I mean, c’mon: I was first introduced to her through Akeelah & The Bee. I love her confidence though and respect her hustle. It’s dope to see her growth and morph into a young […]

Celebs took to social media to defend Chris and call B.S. on the charges.

Although the singer has yet to officially reveal the identity of her new lover, she's been gushing about him for months.