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The highly-anticipated All Screwed Up visual tribute to honor the late DJ Screw premieres on the 20th anniversary of his passing and director Isaac “Chill” Yowman along with Screwed Up Click legend Lil Keke chop it up with Good Morning H-Town from the Houston BMW Studios about the importance of making this project right, the reaction both had to see George Floyd’s comments regarding the project, why DJ Screw’s family wanted Chill specifically to. doit after turning down Hollywood offers and more.

“What a lot of people don’t know is that, the family had 17 directors come to them,” Yowman said. “And I’m the first person they let tell the story. What I took from them conversations were, you had people coming from Hollywood coming in to culturally appropriate, don’t know nothing. Have never seen a slab down MLK, haven’t seen a pop trunk, haven’t seen nobody get swung on, no candy … none of that! [The family] were scared of the cultural appropriation.”

As to why the story was important to him, Yowman once more urged people to understand what the legacy of Screw means to people, especially in hip-hop culture. To be dedicated, Yowman had to get Keke’s involvement and lockdown numerous iconic Screw locales such as the Wooden Room where Screw recorded, and made it a completely Houston project.

Keke knows the moment wasn’t a trip down memory lane for him, but rather a reminder of the energy.

“It was shocked to see my character,” Keke said. “Shocking to see ‘The Wooden Room,’ it was surreal to feel that. To be honest, I didn’t want nothing to do with it because there’s been so many people who tried this. Once the family warmed up to it and gave their co-sign, I was assured that it wasn’t going to be perfect but it was going to happen the best way it can. So the role I did play in it, just to be a part of it — just to have somebody tell the story, I was happy to be part of that.”

The 55-minute All Screwed Up visual tribute will be available on at 11:16 p.m. tonight. Fans can purchase a Screw capsule for $99 designed to appear like an original DJ Screw grey tape filled with an All Screwed Up tribute cassette, a cassette player and other commemorative items.

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