This announcement came down after the Dallas City Council voted unanimously to regulate the operating hours of businesses that also include adult video, book, and other businesses that operate 24 hours. The vote enraged many strip club workers, businesses owners and supporters and resulted in 100 protesters outside of City Hall who were all opposed […]

Salt Bae is once again causing a ruckus over antics that barely have anything to do with the actual taste of his food. The Turkish chef born Nusret Gökçe was seen chopping up steak and salaciously serving it directly into the mouth of one of his female customers, while who seemed to be her boyfriend was sitting, right, there.

Sparking a debate of respectability politics and talk of music being played inside the place changing the twerk dynamic, Twitter has been ablaze with back and forths supporting all sides of the argument.

Dashawn Robertson, who goes by the rap name Lil Loaded, remained held in Dallas County jail on Tuesday (November 10) on $500,000 bail, according to jail records.

The 55-year-old didn't have a real business or employers yet he was able to use the funds given to him by the government to by a 2020 Bentley convertible, other luxury cars and multiple homes. He also made several international money transfers.

“Up until last night, I didn't think that I would be affected by that. I didn't think that I was a target."

Stripping can be a dangerous profession. A shake dancer in Dallas, Texas took an epic fall from high atop the pole, cracking her jaw in the process while 21 Savage’s song “Immortal” was the soundtrack. The pole athlete looked like she was a good 15′ to 20′ high in XTC Cabaret with her legs spread […]

Back in the day 50 Cent basically became Hip-Hop’s Superman after surviving 9 shots to his physical while in his hometown of Queens, but luckily for him none of them were shells to the dome (“dome” means “head” for non-ebonic speaking readers). Dallas rapper Mo3 on the other hand wasn’t as fortunate as Fiddy and […]

Dallas Police have arrested the bartender who beat the woman outside the Deep Ellum parking lot again. According to Dallas jail records, Austin Shuffield, 30, was booked into jail just before 8:30 a.m. Friday on a charge unlawful carrying a weapon. Dallas police announced Friday that the detectives completed their investigation into the assault. Dallas […]

The victim's attorney claims the charges should be upped to a hate crime because Austin Shuffield yelled racial slurs at the young woman. 

If you were wondering if standing in Houston traffic was costing you money then you’d be right. According to the Houston Business Journal and a study conducted by, Houston has the second-most expensive commute for workers in the country over one’s lifetime. On average, Houston-area workers commute 24 miles roundtrip a day. Factor in […]


  The Dallas homie Mo3 has been heating things up! “I Know” ft Blac Youngsta is just adding to the flame! Had a chance to chop it it with Mo3 last week. I’m looking for some big things from him in 2019. I also caught the cameo with Houston artist OMB Bloodbath. Enjoy! Follow Us […]