Upset that his account was shut down, Boosie took to Twitter to not only call Mark Zuckerberg a racist, but announce his brand new IG page, He'sBackAgain2021.

If you thought Boosie would bounce right back from his recent wounds think again. The gangster rapper made it clear that his road to recovery will be a long one. As spotted on TMZ The Badazz is down bad when it comes to his leg. Earlier today he shared some visuals of his wounds. The Instagram […]

The Baton Rouge rapper's account has been suspended since August and its costing him potential income.

2020 has been a very vocal year for Boosie and now that's been taken away.

The Baton Rouge rapper has recently come under fire for allegedly soliciting sexual acts for his teen son.

Boosie’s time during the pandemic has been much like his life – plenty of random incidents that have only added to his legend. First, there was him wilding out on Instagram Live for which Instagram has reportedly put him on “parole” for and now the Baton Rouge legend is thankful for one fan who helped […]

If there was an MVP for quarantine content, the contenders are easily Tory Lanez and Boosie Badazz. On Instagram alone, the pair have been responsible for some of the wildest antics out, as Quarantine Radio alone helped push Tory’s The New Toronto 3 into the No. 2 spot on the Billboard charts this week. Boosie, on the […]

It might be a wrap for QTD (Quarantine Titty Day) on IG Live. Instagram has finally hit up Boosie BadAzz and told him to chill with the ass and titties on the social media platform.

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Thanks to the Coronavirus Pandemic, plenty of people are in their homes going stir crazy. But of course, social media is still popping, and rapper Lil Boosie is using his time to get women to show him their breasts.

If you love Hip-Hop and are on social media chances are that a Boosie rant has landed on your timeline. He explains his stance on his most recent tirade that got everyone looking at him funny. As spotted on Complex the Baton Rouge, Louisiana native was doing the most when reacting to the rumors about Dwyane […]

Boosie Badazz is having himself a struggle-filled week, this after he added his unasked opinion about Dwyane Wade’s daughter, Zaya Wade, and the decision she’s making for her life. The Louisiana rapper claims that a manager of a Planet Fitness turned him away due to those comments and Twitter is frying Lil Boosie. Taking to […]