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Boosie’s time during the pandemic has been much like his life – plenty of random incidents that have only added to his legend. First, there was him wilding out on Instagram Live for which Instagram has reportedly put him on “parole” for and now the Baton Rouge legend is thankful for one fan who helped him out.

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A noted diabetic, the “Wipe Me Down” rapper asked fans in the Duval area if they could bring him insulin medication. “Anybody n DUVAL AREA WITH THIS LANTIS MEDICINE DM ME YOUR NUMBER SO WE CAN MEET‼️” he wrote. “I REALLY NEED THIS.” One woman agreed to bring him the medicine and drove three hours to his home to drop it off.

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“I gotta tell this story bruh — how good God is,” he said in a follow up Instagram video. “I ran out of insulin yesterday and this lady drove three hours to bring me insulin. When she got here, I tried to pay her. She said, ‘I don’t want your money.’ She just took a picture and left. This lady went around the corner and won $10,000 on a scratch off.”

Boosie then showed fans video of the winning scratch-off ticket that the woman texted to him. He then continued to express his gratitude for the woman for being selfless for him.

“Man, God good bruh. I appreciate you lady and God appreciated you. That’s why he blessed you like that.”

Watch the video below of Boosie reacting to the random act of kindness below.

As far as him getting back on live and asking ladies to show their genitalia for $1,000, Instagram told him to chill out or they would snatch his account.

“I’m on parole,” he told DJ Vlad during a recent interview. “I’m on six months parole with Instagram. “They sent me emails like ‘One more time … one more p***y … you show p***y one more time it’s over.’ So I go on my IG every time and say ‘No p***y. No p***y’ because … you know they stopped Tory Lanez? I was next bro. I had to turn it down.”

His reasoning for following through with the request? He makes bread off IG. “I’m eating off that, Vlad,” the Mo3 Badazz rapper says. “I get paid $7,000 just to post people on my IG Live, just to wear they T-shirt. So I need that. You want a video drop? $10,000, $7,000 easy. I’m hustling. I need my Instagram so I had to chill out.”