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Information via Tunes 4 Autism Bloggers and Hip Hop Artist in Houston unite to support a charity concert benefiting a local agency that aide families and individuals dealing with autism. Tootie is hosting the Second Annual Tunes 4 Autism Charity Event benefiting Avondale House in Houston, Texas. The concert will be held Wednesday, April […]


Smilin’ in your face all they while they wanna take yo place, back stabbers! Now, all friends and family members who want to borrow money from you are not bad guys or back stabbers, but they could unintentionally be using you or positioning you for a financial set back. I want the next time you […]

Fun Stuff

#DiningOutForLife ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, ONE NIGHT!! Join me on Thursday, April 24th at Beavers restaurant dow #DiningOutForLife ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, ONE NIGHT!! Join me on Thursday, April 24th at Beavers #DiningOutForLife ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, ONE NIGHT!! And it’s TONIGHT! Join me TONIGHT, Thursday, April 24th at Beavers restaurant downtown from 6-9:30pm! ALL YOU HAVE […]

Hey guys what’s join’ on! JJ here to tell you that Get Fit Or Get Fat turns one year! This Saturday, April 26th, 2 days away, KG Smooth and I will be hosting an interactive health and fitness celebration/ charity event! I’m so excited, its going to also feature guest speaker Somaya Reece of Love […]

If you have not seen or heard about Nicki Minaj’s new look you MUST be hiding under a rock! Some people have been pleasantly surprised  at her makeover and others have called it a dull make under. Nicki seems to have the attitude that it’s not that big of a fuss, that its” not really a makeover […]

Photo and content via FPSF loves us some H-Town and you know we couldn’t let a year pass where we don’t put a spotlight on the wealth of amazing rappers we have in the city. We wanted to do something special we haven’t done before, that has never been done before: Bring some of our […]

Hey guys @jjonthemic here, I had the opportunity to visit Pershing Middle School and work with the girls. The I’m Me Tour is moving at a steady pace and it is a great blessing that we are able to touch the lives of these young girls. My team and I had a great time and […]


We know that now are very trying times and people are in a heep of trouble/difficulty  if they are out of and/or seeking work. So, what one should realize is that having any job is a blessing. But for grins and giggles, go ahead and learn about the best and worst jobs of 2013! CLICK […]

OMG OMG OMG tonight is the night where greatness will commence! It is the season finale of Scandal! I’m crunk! If you want to watch last week’s episode so you can be primed and ready for tonight’s finale, watch it HERE!!! Woooh! It’s going to be good, be ready to talk to me about it, […]

Hey guys JJ here! Me and my baby mixed it up in the kitchen using a delicious recipe from! Watch below! Recipe used: I Hope You Had A Berry Good Workout 1 Cup – Vanilla Soy Milk 1 Cup – Frozen Blueberries 1 Small – Banana 4 Oz – 0% Fat Plain Greek Yogurt […]

Courtesy of The X-Men send Wolverine to the past in a desperate effort to change history and prevent an event that results in doom for both humans and mutants. This should be a wicked awesome action, fantasy and adventure film and it hits theaters May 23rd!  

Fun Stuff

Not ballin’ like Mayweather above? Me neither! If you could use a gosh darn break and some relief from all this tax talk and preparation etcetera you’ll be glad to know some local food chains and other places have some cool deals going on tomorrow, April 15th! You mad at a break or nah? You […]