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If you have not seen or heard about Nicki Minaj’s new look you MUST be hiding under a rock! Some people have been pleasantly surprised  at her makeover and others have called it a dull make under.

Nicki seems to have the attitude that it’s not that big of a fuss, that its” not really a makeover but rather coming full circle.” She says she always knew she would gear her look to be more natural oriented but that she wanted to do so gradually.

Of course this left me feeling two different ways. One being, power to you girl in enjoying looking and feeling more like yourself and laying to rest that over-the-top, comical, aesthetic and vying for a more natural look and feel.

But, my second thought is in going in the more natural direction in turning your back on your lacefront collection does that include deflating your butt and breasts or nah?

I’m just saying… Anywho you can listen to the interview yourself and tell us your feelings about it in the end!

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