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Soulja Boy stays with a hit on his hands! Big Draco chops it up with Good Morning H-Town from the Houston BMW Studios to detail how his “She Make It Clap” single not only blew up on TikTok but went No. 1 on Billboard, hanging out with Justin Bieber in the studio, his brand new investments and gaming console, Soulja Coin, if there’s any artist out now who reminds him of a younger version of himself, being a pioneer and more!

“The fans,” Soulja Boy says of what keeps him motivated. “Anytime I feel discouraged or feel a certain type of way, I just drop some music and the fans always lit. No matter what, my fans gon’ ride with me. Whether I got a new viral song or not or just chillin’, they always got a certain amount of people who gon’ listen to whatever I put out. I just put out some new music. There ain’t nothing like putting out new music.”

He added, “There’s a feeling you can’t explain once you see the people rocking with you. I just feed that audience, feed that fan base who rock with me no matter what. Just feed them, feed them, until I stop.”

As far as his newfound OG status, Soulja knows how everybody came after him doing things such as vlogs, always filming and always being on camera but as far as any particular artist who he feels embodies him it’s Fort Worth rapper Go Yayo.

Watch the full interview with SB below!

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