Soulja Boy tweeted out his OnlyFans page and inquiring minds were interested what Draco had to offer. 

While we weren't exactly concerned about the ramifications that a Soulja Boy and Kanye West beef would have on the culture, we're glad to see the two men officially squash their differences ASAP.

Why he decided to take this gambit is anyone's guess but Soulja Boy promises that the two will "make history" in the coming future.

We can hear Soulja Boy now, "I'M THE FIRST RAPPER TO..."

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Bow Wow & Soulja Boy are ready to one-up one another with the jokes.

Big Draco says he and Bow Wow, or Shad Moss, will be locked in for a VERZUZ event.

"She Make It Clap" isn't the only new hit Soulja Boy's been working on.

Soulja Boy's trending today (May 17) for being a self-proclaimed cultural pioneer in all things music, fashion, and rap culture. Enjoy a thread of our favorite social media reactions to Soulja Boy being a literal pioneer to everything! 

Man, can you believe Soulja Boy has been on the music scene since 2007 with 'Crank That' and hasn't missed a beat yet!

Drake and Bow Wow reunite at a private celebration of the Toronto legend's latest success in topping three songs on Billboard Hot 100.

Soulja Boy is back in the headlines again related to a serious domestic violence allegation made by ex-girlfriend Nia Riley. The former flame explained various instances where the rapper physically abused her and even caused a miscarriage when she was pregnant.

It seems like Soulja Boy has some explaining to do. A former employee of his is now accusing him of some slimy behavior.