According to multiple reports, Baby (real name Dominique Jones) was with Brooklyn Nets guard James Harden when the pair were stopped by police. Harden was searched for drugs but ultimately released while Baby was booked.

This week, the good friends were spotted at the Balenciaga Couture Show after seemingly being blindsided by the paparazzi after they were seen hanging out with Kanye West and others.

"People really on here making sh*t up for clout," the 2018 NBA MVP wrote on Instagram. "I really stay out the way. CashApp $100K? Beat it."

LeBron James is the most hated player in the country followed by the other two major stars of the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Fans hoping to see a backcourt with the former top pick of the 2010 NBA Draft and one of the league's most dynamic scorers could be let down.

Now, there's no telling if Lil Baby is gonna eat all those honey buns but it's a hell of a birthday haul. 

2020 is the year where many of us have drawn a line regarding values. It is rumored that one of National Basketball League’s brightest stars wants to take his talents elsewhere because of management’s favoritism to the left. As spotted on TMZ the owner of the Houston Rockets, Tilman Fertitta, has been identified as Trump supporter. […]

While the world continues to spin out of control James Harden is screaming that his life is good. He was seen doing the most in his city and a lot of people are envious. As spotted on Clutch Points the all-star basketball player is living his best life with the help of one of Hip-Hop’s brightest […]