For the very last conversation on Access Houston, we are talking health, wellness, and fitness. We have the owner of Built Different Training Company, Kendall Robinson, the owner of Ascent Consultants, Matt Beckmann, and founder of Empower Fitness Lab, Alicia Tillman. This group of good energy talks about the misconceptions of working out, the mind, […]

This segment of Access Houston we welcome FOX 26 news anchor, Jonathan Martin on the program. Jonathan has made a huge impact on the Houston community since he came into the market. We talk about his three initiatives that he launched this past year, “Beyond The Game,” a high school tour for young men of […]

On this segment of Access Houston, KG Smooth welcomes Janice Evans, the Interim Director of Media Management and Public Relations for Houston Community College. Director Evans talks to us about registering for fall classes at HCC. HCC offers more than 100 programs of study including academics, business, cyber security, automotive repair and technology, culinary and […]

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Try planking! Tone your abs, arms and  back with the pilates move that resembles a toes-extended elbow push up.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Have some tea! Green tea has been shown to help muscles recover from workouts faster.

Check out Comedian and Actor, Kevin Hart’s crazy training Regiment.  He is a man who practices what he preaches.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: You can’t put your fitness on layaway! Make upfront payments every d ay at the gym, track and dining table.

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Learn proper technique. Without it, you are minimizing your results and may even injure yourself.

Check out this top 6 list of annoying people at the gym I got from youtuber, LandonProduction. 1.   The Grunter – people that make ridiculously loud grunts. 2.  The Inventor – a person who goes to the gym and invents new ways to work out. 3.  The Groupies – A group of homeboys that just hang […]

Serena Williams has never been shy about her figure, and she recently reminded us all why. The Gold Medal Olympic Tennis champ decided to slip into a sunny two-piece and strike a pose. She was feeling her look so much she just had to share! Serena brought all types of sunshine to the pic, serving […]

J Mac’s Hip Hop Health Tip: Physical fitness without mental fitness is a waste of energy on a broken product. Manage stress, stay vital.

During Trey Songz latest stop in Houston, he hit the #20PullUpChallenge with “Radio Boss” Kiotti. In full disclosure, he was a substitute for MHMS member J Mac. But Trey Songz was a great sport & DJ J Que was a hilarious fill in! Be sure you catch a copy of “Tremaine”, Trey’s latest album. He’ll […]