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With PokèmonMania 2.0 in full force right now companies are seeing dollar signs And Legendary Pictures wants to milk this cash Miltank RIGHT NOW (Miltank is A Cow Pokèmon, I know it was a terrible pun, don’t judge me) It seems the Company is nearing a deal to acquire the rights to Pokemon film! According […]

Big Beards have become a lifestyle more than just a fashion statement, from our own Houston Sport Superstars in James Harden, Dallas Keuchel (and even JJ Watt was spotted rocking the beard as well) more and more men are growing their beards and being engulfed in what is known as “#BeardLife” or “#BeardGang”. As the […]

  Today, February 8th, is a sad day if you’re a chipotle lover,  because Chipotle is temporarily shutting all its U.S. stores until 3pm in local timezones for a nationwide staff meeting on food safety. If you’ve been living under a rock then you might now be aware of the reason why, the biggest reason […]

Tryna Chill & Netflix (Or Netflix & Chill) but can’t seem to find exactly what you’re looking for? Wanna catch a basketball movie? Or are you in the mood for some Foreign Sci-Fi Fantasy? Well Netflix is making strides to help you out on a Friday night. Now you can input a secret code to help […]

  Six weeks ago, Joe Anderson stood outside the Houston Texans facility trying to get a job, he took social media by storm, and garnered the attention of the entire nation well it seems Today he got the right attention of the right people cause he was signed to the New York Jets practice squad! […]

FreePress Houston’s 1st annual “Day For Night Fest” was an absolute success! From some dope light art to some great food to the amazing artist that ripped the stage. People like Janelle Monae, Fly Lotus & Dillion Francis got to throw down and wreck shop. But no one rocked harder than Mr.Compton himself, Kendrick Lamar! […]

In a time of constant reboots and rehashes of movies that should’ve remained dead, it was easy for one to be skeptical of a franchise like “Star Wars” being brought back to the big screen. Star Wars fans are some of the most passionate people on the planet (myself included) But I wasn’t very apprehensive when I heard […]

IT’S STAR WARS WEEK!!!!!! But that doesn’t mean Trekies don’t have anything to excited for! (Honestly why do people think that people who like Star Wars can’t like Star Trek, I love em both!) Today Paramount decided it was gonna steal a little shine from the Galaxy far far away (since Star Wars stole the […]

The Bay Area has a rich history in the rap game, from legends like Too $hort, Mac Dre & E-40 just to list a few. It’s seems like the bay is getting a dark sleek makeover with a new generation of artist on the rise and G-Eazy is the forerunner of it all. I’ve been […]

Source: Matt Kent / Getty / Getty   Earlier in The year Martin Shkreli, a 32-year-old former hedge fund manager, current CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals and Full Time A Hole, came under fire for doing one of the crappiest moves of 2015, no he didn’t say some  outlandish shit or try and ban a race […]

2015 has been the year of rappers taking L’s thanks to Social Media  Earlier in the year rapper/professional yeller Robert Rihmeek Williams aka Meek Mill decided to go after drake and hilarity ensued, social media destroyed him when Drake dropped 2 rebuttals(“Charged Up” & “Back 2 Back”) on wax opposed to heading to social media […]

The Coog are in the House! It seems like The University of Houston (12-1) and its high powered offense are finally getting the respect they deserve, they earned a spot in a major bowl game as the top-ranked team from the Group of Five conferences and as champs of American Athletic Conference. We will be […]