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2015 has been the year of rappers taking L’s thanks to Social Media 

Earlier in the year rapper/professional yeller Robert Rihmeek Williams aka Meek Mill decided to go after drake and hilarity ensued, social media destroyed him when Drake dropped 2 rebuttals(“Charged Up” & “Back 2 Back”) on wax opposed to heading to social media like meek.

Back 2 Back would even go on to become a Grammy nominated track (the first diss song to do so) which even adds a bigger L to Meek! (It would be crazy if Drake actually won the Grammy for it too!)

Then Meek dropped his highly anticipated response, it’s safe to say it was a disappointment and added more to Meek’s legendary fail.

For a while Meek’s name was associated with nothing but L’s and being the opener for Nicki Minaj’s tour, but it seems like now people have moved on but we have yet to see the long term effects of The Drakening (yes I just named it that)


Just as the year was coming to an end and we thought nobody could top the Drakening (yes I’m seriously calling it that) along comes a rapper with hair like Cynthia from Rugrats and a some of the worst tattoos ever by the name of Stitches (I don’t know his government name and I honestly don’t feel like he’s worth googling at this point). Somebody told him it might be a good idea to come at The Game aka one of the biggest “beef”-ers in the rap world and once again hilarity ensued.

After a series of shots were sent between the two on social media, Stitches decided he was gonna “pull up” with his crew and “call out” The Game outside of a Nightclub.

Stitches proceeds to make a mini Instagram movie talking smack to The Game and even spits on his SUV… Well he would eventually get his wish and The Game and his posse stepped outside and Stitches got laid out by The Game’s manger (who should seriously get a raise at this point) in one punch!

BUT WAIT THERES MORE! Homie gets taken to jail and has to get STITCHES ON HIS MOUTH! (Oh the irony) The Game proceeds to slaughter him on social media and Stitches gets released from jail, and instead of taking his L and disappearing like meek did, makes even more IG posts claiming that he was sucker punched and saying he wants to fight The Game 1v1. Everybody laughs at his expense and it seemed like that was gonna be it….but boy we were wrong!

The very next day stitches gets back on his favorite form of social media (Instagram if you haven’t caught on yet) with one of his eyes busted up and calls out HIS OWN HOMIES!!! Apparently he was jumped by his own friends and talks smack to them and says that his miniature dog was tougher than them!(the dog looked like he wanted no part of it) This ordeal has yet finish but we couldn’t help but wonder what’s next for Stitches. Will he quit the rap game and join the service industry? Will he continue to make false claims of being a drug kingpin? Will him and The Game fight one on one? (if they do they should totally do it “Celebrity Deathmatch” style).

Only time will tell.

The two rappers have tarnished their careers to a certain extent and have become clear cut examples of what not to do on social media, but one thing has yet to be answered….. Who took the bigger L?

Was it Meek or Stitches?

You decide.