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FreePress Houston’s 1st annual “Day For Night Fest” was an absolute success!

From some dope light art to some great food to the amazing artist that ripped the stage. People like Janelle Monae, Fly Lotus & Dillion Francis got to throw down and wreck shop. But no one rocked harder than Mr.Compton himself, Kendrick Lamar!

K.Dot graced the stage and performed some songs from his newest album but it was his freshman album that took center stage on Sunday night (thank god). He performed all the classics from “Money Trees” to “Don’t Kill My Vibe” and even “The Art of Peer Pressure,”but the highlight of the concert was after Kendrick performed “m.A.A.d city” (which he killed). Right after he stated that he had “some of the most loyal f*cking fans in the world” and searched the crowd for one person to come represent the city and rap “m.A.A.d city” with him once more.

He found the right guy a mysterious figure rose from the crowd and essentially ascended into Houston legend in the process… The man simply named “Corporate Dough” told kdot that he was huge fan and as they began to rap the song together something happened….CD forgot the lyrics to the song, any average man would have frozen right there and shriveled into mediocrity, but not CD, he did the unthinkable. He started freestyling off the the top of the dome and wrecked shop (or I think he was, I was too crunk in shock to even care cause he was working the crowd).

Not only was Kendrick impressed he momentarily became CD’s hype man!!!

Once he finished K.Dot gave him dap and asked him for his name… was then that reality hit and CD Became speechless for the first time…it seemed like he had forgotten his name, after a brief moment of recollection he responded “MY NAME IS CORPORATE DOUGH…..I LOVE HOUSTON WITH ALL MY HEART…IM LIVING MY DREAM RIGHT NOW….IF I WAS TO DIE RIGHT NOW, IT WOULD HAVE ALL BEEN WORTH IT!!!!” After that Kendrick dapped him up once more and even game him a bro hug,and then just like that, like I scene out of a movie, it was over… he walked back into the crowd and became a Houston urban legend.

Some say he moved to Toronto to follow a career of Canadian rap battling, some speculate he returned to his regular job and nobody at work believes his story, some may even say he soon after signed a record deal with TDE and Shady Records….we may never know, but one thing is for sure, for those few minutes Corporate Dough became a legend, and for those few moments we all wished we were corporate dough.