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Big Beards have become a lifestyle more than just a fashion statement, from our own Houston Sport Superstars in James Harden, Dallas Keuchel (and even JJ Watt was spotted rocking the beard as well)

more and more men are growing their beards and being engulfed in what is known as “#BeardLife” or “#BeardGang”. As the beard lifestyle grows, so does the beard business, According to a 2015 Euromonitor report cited by CNBC, men’s toiletries products grew by 4 percent this past year to a whopping $3.4 billion. This includes new products such as beard oils, balms, combs, shampoos and conditioners. By comparison, shaving grew at just half that rate (2 percent) to $2.9 billion. As demand for beard-related products grows, so does the number of companies that produce them. In comes DJ & Steven a duo of PV A&M Graduates who decided it was their turn to throw their hat in the hairy ring with “Fuel The Beard Co”

We sat down and spoke to guys to see how they came to be, why beard grooming has become such a big business and even some tips for the newcomers to beard life!

So Beards are big business and very popular, what led you to getting into the business?

We grew our beards for No Shave November in 2014 then decided to let them grow. Then we ran into a problem; we had no idea clue as to which products to use. If there were products out there, finding them wasn’t common knowledge. So, we decided creating our own would be the best solution. After months of researching and earning what seemed like a degree in chemistry, our first bead oil was created. Before we released it, I had the comb design in my head. I was at work one day and created what is now our custom wooden comb. We hit the market with those two products initially and have grown our product line since. Products and education led us into what FUEL is today.

When was FUEL Beard Co created?

We officially launched April 1, 2015. Many people thought it was an April Fools joke considering the date and the fact that we didn’t tell anyone that this was coming.


It’s always awesome to see local companies making an impact in the city. Are you guys originally from Houston?

We are both from Houston. We met in college, Prairie View A&M University. I was cutting hair and he was taking everyone’s pictures on campus. We’ve been rocking ever since.


How big is the company?

It’s just the two of us running the show. Steve and I handle it all; marketing, web design, distribution, etc. This is great because we get to see first hand what it takes to run a company from all sides. Expansion in 2016 is already off to a good start. There’s only so much two guys can do.

Why did you name the company FUEL?

Fuel is energy, motion, forward progress, and masculine. We’re also in the gulf coast where oil is king, so FUEL seemed like a natural fit. I also worked in Oil & Gas for almost 10 years, so it made sense. All of our products play off of the name in regards to the name

What types of products do you offer and what do they do for the beard?

We offer 5 signature products: Three beard oils Octane 83, Solar, Crude Oil which is an all around moisturizer for the beard and skin, beard wash, and a custom wooden comb with our logo and “FUEL THE BEARD” engraved on it. These products stimulate beard growth not only at the hair follicle level, but at the skin level as well. Many beardsmen neglect the skin, which is extremely vital in beard growth. Think of taking care of a lawn; it’s easy to just mow your yard, but what happens when you fertilize the soil and water it daily? The result is your neighbors being jealous and asking what you use on your yard. It works the same way with our products. Our products will make your beard healthy, well moisturized, and full.

What advice would you give to guys who want to begin growing their beard?

Step 1 would be to understand genetics and Mother Nature. Our products cannot combat the fact that nobody in your family facial hair. We can maintain and enhance what is there. Secondly would be to understand that beard growth is a factor of testosterone. We’ve developed the SPRED Method, which aims at identifying ways to control testosterone production.

S – Stress

P – Products

R – Rest

E – Exercise

D – Diet

The beginning stages of a beard are the toughest and you’ll experience some itching and slight irritation. The average beard isn’t recognized until about 2 months of growth and we know the pain of getting through this stage as quickly as possible. These steps will definitely help you out. Growing a beard is a commitment and you have to truly maintain and take care of your mane. Be patient, be consistent, and FUEL it up!

The male grooming business is booming lately, more than ever. How are you capitalizing on this boom?

Beard products are a hot commodity, barbers are transforming from traditional to artistic and changing the haircut experience, fashion forward is in; so we’re seeing this enlightenment period that reminds us of the early 1900’s where the male appearance was very clean, groomed, and intentional. We want to be the brand that’s synonymous with beard care, not only in Houston, but also on national and global level. Why not?

So what’s in store in 2016 for FUEL Beard Co?

2016 will be a great year for us. 2015 was practice and it’s game time now. We’re launching new products, will have pop up shop experiences, and will expand into barbershops. This will keep us very busy, but that’s a good problem to have. We’re ready to make FUEL Beard Company a household name.

How can customers get in touch with you?

We monitor our social media 24/7 as well as email. We’re on IG, Twitter, and Facebook @FuelTheBeard