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With PokèmonMania 2.0 in full force right now companies are seeing dollar signs

And Legendary Pictures wants to milk this cash Miltank RIGHT NOW (Miltank is A Cow Pokèmon, I know it was a terrible pun, don’t judge me)

It seems the Company is nearing a deal to acquire the rights to Pokemon film!

According to Deadline, a deal has yet to be closed with Legendary, but things are close. The studio has been courting the property for months now, and was recently in a bidding war with Warner Bros. Pictures over “Pokemon.”

Last we heard it was looking like the new “Pokemon” movie would be a live-action take on the franchise (I for one want to see a darker take on the series but doubt that will happen)

“Pokemon” right holders Pokemon Co. have reportedly been shopping around the idea for a “big-budget live-action” version of the property for quite some time now

In the last report, it was noted that tensions could arise between China and Japan over Legendary’s “Pokemon” acquisition. THR noted, “[The “Pokemon” acquisition] could pose a potential problem considering Legendary’s ownership by the Chinese real estate and investment conglomerate Wanda. There have been long simmering political tensions between Beijing and Tokyo, which most recently peaked with Japan’s criticism of China’s territorial ambitions in the South China Sea. Those pressures have also led to a cultural strain between the two countries in which China effectively banned Japanese films for three years, which was only broken recently.”

No release date or further plans have been revealed for the next “Pokemon” film but keep your eyes open for new information to Bellsprout (another cheesy Pokèmon pun, okay I’ll leave now)