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The Bay Area has a rich history in the rap game, from legends like Too $hort, Mac Dre & E-40 just to list a few. It’s seems like the bay is getting a dark sleek makeover with a new generation of artist on the rise and G-Eazy is the forerunner of it all.

I’ve been a big fan of Gerald for quite some time, and in that time I’ve wanted to keep him a secret like Drizzy in 2007, but it seems like I can no longer jam G-Eazy and have people people asking “who’s this”…instead I get “oh man, I Fucking love this track”. It’s taking some time to get used to it, but man iI feel some pride in seeing one of my favorite artist getting the shine he truly deserves.

I had the honor of seeing G-eazy earlier in the year at FreePress Summer Fest and he wrecked it. As I watched him in his all black outfit and slick hair I leaned over and told my wife “this is possibly one of the last times we see g-eazy in a small crowd like this, next time around he’ll be on the main stage killing it even harder” and it seems like so far I might be right. With the recent release of his highly anticipated album “When It’s Dark Out” Eazy is on the cusp of greatness and this album truly solidifies that. I had the pleasure of interviewing Bay Area legend E-40 earlier in the year as well and I brought up G and how he’s a great artist and 40 responded “yeah man he’s good people, we linked up when he wanted me on a remix of Far Along and I got on there and we just became friends, he’s a good individual overall, he’s very talented and I consider him a true Friend….he’s gone thru the ugly phase (of the game) he’s done stuff like hopped in a van and gone out places to open for people. He’s put the WORK in. I salute him for that, he got a fanbase that’s out of this world”.

So with a legend like E-40 Cosigning him it’s only matter of time before G-eazy blows the lid off the rap game

With albums like “These Things Happen” and “When it’s dark out” showing his maturity and lyricism it’s safe to say “G-Eazy’s Got Next”


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