A new survey is now saying that more than half of American adults have tried weed and at least 14% are regular users according to Yahoo News. The survey asked adults over age 18 about their marijuana and drug opinions. The report is similar to the Gallup poll done that found only 4% of Americans […]

It’s never easy to adjust to change — especially when that change affects your freedom of choice. The upcoming smoking ban at public housing units across the country has outraged residents everywhere. In Cleveland, residents who live in CMHA units believe the ban is completely unfair. It calls for no smoking in any public housing unit or […]

So, on a snowy day in the Haarlem, Netherlands, 11 miles west of Amsterdam, Dutch Police raided a house on Feb 5th, where it’s roof seemed to be unaffected by the snow like the other houses on that block, which they found to be odd. The snow covered the entire roof of the homes except […]

Remember when rap music wasn’t good for you? Like, when a bunch of politicians used to ostracize those who bumped anything that wasn’t deemed morally acceptable? Well, times have changed – kind of. In hopes of reducing smoking among young teenagers between the ages of 12-17, The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is using hip-hop to […]

Have you found yourself spending more lone time lately? If so, you may want to invite a friend out to coffee or a movie or…

Oh Oh Rihanna really celebrated 4/20 check it out. The always candid Rihanna celebrated her love for weed on 4/20, as to be expected. A little social media was all that the songstress needed to share this year’s festive “turn up” with the world.Rih-Rih was not alone, as her best friend Melissa Forde partook in the Mary Jane festivities […]

According to the CDC, there has been an increase in the number of cases of nicotine poisoning from e-cigarettes. Disturbingly, 51 percent of calls to…

Smoking while pregnant has been shown to cause delayed growth, low birth weight, and premature delivery, but now an Amsterdam University professor is claiming that smoking and undergoing stress during pregnancy for a developing fetus can in fact impact the child’s sexual orientation, reports The Sunday Times. According to neuroscientist Dr. Dick Swaab, pre-birth exposure to nicotine […]