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So, on a snowy day in the Haarlem, Netherlands, 11 miles west of Amsterdam, Dutch Police raided a house on Feb 5th, where it’s roof seemed to be unaffected by the snow like the other houses on that block, which they found to be odd.

The snow covered the entire roof of the homes except for a semi-circle mark on the roof over the one house.

This sight alerted Dutch police that something was not right in this home. While weed is decriminalized in certain amount in the Netherlands, this operation would run afoul of the legal limits. A grower is only allowed 5 plants but this person had more like 500 hundred lol. When the officers question the apartment owner he replied “I must have lost count officer. I could have sworn there were only five plants in there. #420 #TheMaddHattaMorningShow

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After entering and investigating the attic,  police found that the occupant of the house was growing “alot of weed” on an industrial scale.

You can cultivate weed in the Netherlands but you’re limited to only five (5) cannabis plants or carry more than 0.17 ounces of the sticky.

Police tweeted out the picture of the weed house to ask people to rat out other people they see growing marijuana factories.

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